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Wormate io

Wormate io is one of the best interpretations of the classic snake games featuring online multiplayer, crisp graphics and simple controls. Play as a worm with a sweet tooth, consume all kinds of tasty treats, grow to an enormous size and defeat other player by making them crash into your tail.

Every new Wormate game will spawn you as a young little worm and your goal is to eat as much as you can without killed. Usually you only get to eat the food generated by the game, but sometimes you get lucky and find a trace of another very large and recently deceased worm – you can consume all the sweets left behind and grow significantly in a matter of seconds.

Wormate looks and plays better than pretty much any other similar game in its category: the visuals are perfectly designed to look as pleasing as possible without slowing the hardware down and the controls are very simple and responsive: just move your mouse cursor around to steer left and right.

Wormate io is suitable for all ages: it’s the “easy to learn, difficult to master” kind of game, but even if you die it never feels too frustrating. If you don’t know what to do while taking a break there’s nothing better than a quick Wormate.io game!

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